School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Research Group of Prof. R. Hentschke

Our field of research is soft matter physics. This means for example macromolecules (polymers), surfactants (amphiphilic molecules) or low-molecular weight liquids. From these "building blocks" supramolecular structures may be formed like networks, membranes, vesicles or reversible aggregates exhibiting complex properties which we investigate using computer simulations as well as analytical models. Examples are the swelling of polymer networks, the liquid-crystalline phase behaviour of reversible aggregates, the stability of molecular clusters, and the dielectric properties of polar liquids.

We are physicists and chemists from Germany and abroad. If you are interested in computer modeling as well as in theoretical physics or theoretical chemistry, we are able to offer you master as well as Ph. D. thesis projects. Special courses in numerical and statistical physics as well as in materials science including seminars serve to introduce you to our research field.

Last modified: 17.05.2022

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